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First Travel 'Guide Book' Which Ever Made Me Laugh!

"And I say that with the utmost respect.

Can you imagine laughing when you read The Lonely Plant guide books?    And I don't mean laughing because the books are bad.  I laughed like you would when watching a funny movie or reading a funny novel.  This isn't really a guide book in the traditional sense.  It reads more like an entertaining novel but one packed with real tips and insights. I haven't ever read another non-fiction type travel book as fun and easy-to-read as this one."
Sandra Restranic, Hastings Park, British Columbia (Canada)

This Book Helped Keep Our Belongings Safe

"We made a long one-month family trip to India quite recently.

Some of our transportation involved taking the Indian trains -- a very unique and must-do experience!  From reading Insights, I had some clue about keeping our belongings safe.  My husband thought I was being paranoid. He ate his words on our train to Chennai. And, unfortunately for the family traveling in the carriage next to us, they were the ones who got robbed instead of us."

Lois Grimshaw  Cornwall, UK



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A travel mastermind writes a travel book years ahead in experience and insights. Experience adventure yourself. This is a travel book that will alter your traveling experiences for the better. Have a travel mastermind at your side whether you stay in a hostel or an expensive timeshare.  

Warning: Reading This Book Will Forever Electrify Your Travel Experiences!

Insights From A Travel Mastermind benefits   Insights From A Travel Mastermind guarantee   Insights From A Travel Mastermind sample book   Buy Insights From A Travel Mastermind   USD 6.99

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Insights From A Travel Mastermind

Only about 5% of travelers, when reflecting on their past vacations, describe them as adventurous and life-changing. Are you one of them?

It's that time of the year again when you start thinking about taking another holiday. You could go back to that picturesque beach resort timeshare in Mexico you went to last year. That was fun. The staff and locals were used to foreigners. Everyone spoke English. Your friends Steve and Mary recently came back from the Costa del Sol in Spain and commented how wonderful it was. Why not just book a trip through the same travel agency they used?

But some doubt is nagging you in the back of your mind. You enjoy getting away, to leave your problems and worries far behind. You've been doing that for years now, and the trips, as beautiful and relaxing as they are, are starting to seem a bit tame and bland by now. To be honest, the timeshare in Mexico or the travel agency arrangements to the Costa del Sol might be perfect if you could just make the trip a little spicier. The upcoming vacation already sounds predictable and unexciting, and isn't that what you're trying to get away from? You live with predictable and unexciting all the other days of the year. Work, business mixers, the internet, phone, cable, and electricity bills. Travel is supposed to be a time to get away from a humdrum routine, and yet it looks like you're just exchanging one serving of predictable for another.

Insights From A Travel Mastermind benefits   Insights From A Travel Mastermind guarantee   Insights From A Travel Mastermind sample book   Buy Insights From A Travel Mastermind   USD 6.99

As long as you're traveling, why not travel with some excitement?

There are a lot of reasons to travel. Travel is a way to move outside your comfort zone, empower yourself, explore new cultures and places, and get lost but at the same time totally find yourself. Wouldn't you like to experience some of those other aspects of travel, too, and embark not just on a trip, but an adventure you'll never forget?

I know what you're probably thinking. An adventure is out of your league. Sure, you'd love to inject excitement into your travels - who wouldn't??? - but you don't speak the local languages, the hygiene is dodgy, you've heard tales of how other visitors got scammed. You can't imagine yourself doing things differently, even slightly, without someone to hold your hand.

Travel anywhere alongside a travel mastermind!

So what if there was a travel mastermind, always at your side, who could educate you about travel and let you stretch your travel muscles at a pace you were comfortable with? A mastermind who's explored more than 70 countries. A mastermind who spent months traveling in Europe and three continuous years in Africa and Asia. A mastermind who drove solo along the coasts and through the hinterlands of Australia for a year. A mastermind who studied abroad for a year, who spent a year-and-a-half working in Europe, and another seven years working and living in Asia. A mastermind like . . . myself!

I painstakingly learned my travel tricks over two-and-a-half decades, from actually being out there where the road meets the sky. I was doing this before there were travel bloggers, before there was Wikipedia, when the world still seemed like a large place you sometimes wanted to desperately disappear into. I didn't have an internet connection or a cell phone to fall back on when I started out. They didn't exist. I learned to think on my feet and sniff out adventure without a signpost directing me there. Let me tell you: there's never a big billboard with an arrow reading "ADVENTURE: 5 MILES AHEAD." Adventure comes about from the way you perceive your surroundings and situations. It's a philosophy, and one I'm eager to share with you from my years of travel wisdom in the most comprehensive and entertaining travel book you'll likely ever read, Insights From A Travel Mastermind

Insights From A Travel Mastermind benefits   Insights From A Travel Mastermind guarantee   Insights From A Travel Mastermind sample book   Buy Insights From A Travel Mastermind   USD 6.99

You can travel anywhere on any budget with the mastermind's philosophy

If you wish, you can still stay in your Mexican timeshare or have your favorite travel agent book your trip, but with the insights you learn from me, you'll have a fresh motivation you never knew you had. You'll want to assume more control over your journey. Those mini outings you used to rely on the agents to plan for you -- you'll delight in planning them out yourself at less cost and with more thrill. Dr. Eric Johnson was putting in so many hours at his Southern Californian dental practice for the last twelve years to bother with anything but package trips for him and his wife. "Then, we read Insights From A Travel Mastermind and booked our last Caribbean holiday on our own. We spent half of what we normally would, did twice as much, and have fives times as many memories. My wife keeps saying it's the best trip she's ever had. I am inclined to agree!"

You've worked hard all year. You deserve to travel in style if that's what you desire. I spent my formative travel years backpacking on a budget. I'm older now and have since left the backpacking lifestyle behind me but without sacrificing any thrill for the unknown. Neither should you. I've traveled both extremes, from a tent on an African island to a five-star luxury pool villa in Asia. You can rest easy: I've got ample experience on how to get maximum value out of any budget.

Feel in command before you've even arrived

You'll know how it feels to land on your feet in a place you've never been. You'll know what souvenirs and trinkets to buy and how much to pay. You'll be so self composed wherever you are that you won't be a sitting duck for thieves and scam artists. With the mastermind beside you, you'll have nothing to worry about.

I did some of my big trips pre-internet and many more post-internet. This gives me on-the-street travel experience gained from figuring it out by doing PLUS very intricate knowledge about travel web sites and applications. Take the part about my internet knowledge very seriously, as I'm also the author of Innovative Internet Secrets, another book well worth your effort to buy but which I'll leave for discussion for another day.

Insights From A Travel Mastermind benefits   Insights From A Travel Mastermind guarantee   Insights From A Travel Mastermind sample book   Buy Insights From A Travel Mastermind   USD 6.99

To read about some of the amazing insights you'll learn from this one-of-a-kind book, click here. 

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