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The Password Secrets Are Awesome!

"This secret saved my butt.

I was always forgetting my passwords. Then I
started using the same passwords for all my accounts. What a bad move! Once my Hotmail account got hijacked, the others followed.  I had bank account, credit card data, and other sensitive information pilfered.  What an idiot I was!

With the sound advice found in Innovative Internet Secrets, now I never have a problem."

Scott Reardon  Wheeling, West Virginia

Dirt Cheap Text Messages

"I travel often for my export business.  I tend to send a lot of international text messages for business. In most of the Western countries I go to, sending international texts are pricey. I know there are free ways to send chat messages and so on, but a free chat message doesn't look very professional if you're texting a client a brief quote. With what I learned from this book, I now send international texts for almost the same cost as I send domestic ones."   

Benjamin Tully, Rosebank, South Africa

Buy Innovasion e-Books
Innovative Internet Secrets is your kind of book. Learn secrets about the internet that will boost your productivity. Leap forward in skills with e-mail, your browser, and even common applications like Facebook. Good for mobile, too.  

Give Me A Couple Of Hours And I'll Turn You Into An Internet Wizard!

Innovative Internet Secrets benefits  Innovative Internet Secrets advantages  Innovative Internet Secrets guarantee  Innovative Internet Secrets sample book  Buy Innovative Internet Secrets  USD 6.99 

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Innovative Internet Secrets stack

You can check your email, manage your Facebook account, and buy airline tickets. But beyond the basics, how clued in are you really about the internet?

The internet plays such an integral role in our lives, yet in informal testing, close to 92% of internet users scored no more than basic competence with it.

I can hear you from here: "Basic competence is good enough for me. Why would I want or need to do more than that?" You can use the Google search engine, get around the Gmail and Hotmail interfaces, buy an airline ticket at Expedia, order a book at Amazon, and post an update at Facebook. When you want to look up anything about everything, you go to Wikipedia. You're already a master of the internet -- or so you tell yourself.

Is that mastery? Or is that a sense of smugness with one's current situation? Complacency never does anyone any favors, you know. If the complacent had won out, we'd still believe the world is flat and airplane flight is impossible. Complacency stands in the way of everyone's progress, namely your own. Do you really need to be told that the internet is one of those things you cannot afford to be complacent about? You know that already. Your livelihood, your identity, your social networks, your ability to distinguish yourself from the competition will all one day be measured by the breadth and depth of your internet skills. I may be mistaken about just one thing. That day may have already arrived!!

Innovative Internet Secrets benefits  Innovative Internet Secrets advantages  Innovative Internet Secrets guarantee  Innovative Internet Secrets sample book  Buy Innovative Internet Secrets  USD 6.99 

Yesterday's competence doesn't apply on today's terrain

Very briefly, let's talk about something else you probably have basic competence in already: driving. Many moons ago, you employed a driving instructor to teach you the basics, things like the most common traffic rules, when you can make a turn at a stoplight, the way to brake a car gracefully. The fundamentals of driving haven't changed all that much since then. The basic skills you learned long ago still serve you well today – if you maintain the same driving experiences. What if you don't? What if instead of the reliable Toyotas, Hondas, Chevys, Fords, Nissans, and Hyundais you've come to know so well, you find yourself behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 GT2? These cars are slick and also very dangerous, renowned for their notoriously tricky handling, so much so their nickname is "the widowmaker." The Porsche has seats, a gas tank, brakes, a gear shift, and accelerator, just like your old car did. That is where the similarities end. The Porsche 911 GT2 is a completely different animal on the road. When you're zooming down those scenic highways in a blur behind the wheel of this speed machine, might you not agree your old driving skill set is not so complete anymore?

You see, we're all driving down a highway at lightning speeds every single day. The Information Superhighway. Whether you are aware of it or not, you traded in your Toyota or Chevy-like dial-up net connection long ago for ultra fast Porsche-like broadband, the new internet. Nevertheless, you continue to practice the same "internet driving skills" – that same basic competence – you acquired years ago on the old internet. In those days, you cruised at much slower speeds and there were less sites to see. That left you more time to check out the scenery.

Today's superhighway has a lot more stops, a lot more sites that make your life easier and more productive. I'll wager you don't know about most of them. You need a tour guide of sorts to show you the way. And that's where Innovative Internet Secrets, comes in, ideal for turning you into an internet wiz on a computer, a tablet, or any mobile device in just a couple of hours.

The internet is all about information. Do you know all the best ways to get it?

The core of the internet is information. Getting it, distributing it, and if you got the entrepreneurial chops, adding value to it. Think about all these famous internet companies with the big valuations. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Skype. They're all about information. Right now, you're capable of visiting a popular search engine and typing in a search term, what anyone else with basic competence does. You're not aware of ways to fine tune and broaden those searches. You're ignorant of the myriad other tools besides search engines you should have in your internet tool chest. And don't fool yourself: other people are learning how to be more than competent. They want to know how to use the internet better than you so they can acquire better information than you so they can make better decisions than you. If you're not getting ahead with your internet skills, you are, by definition, falling behind.

Innovative Internet Secrets benefits  Innovative Internet Secrets advantages  Innovative Internet Secrets guarantee  Innovative Internet Secrets sample book  Buy Innovative Internet Secrets  USD 6.99 

What you know about the internet isn't as much as you THINK you know

Because you really don't know all that much about the internet, not where it counts. Quick! What would you do if your computer failed to boot up because it was crippled from a virus?  Crying isn't an acceptable answer!  How many browsers do you know of? The browser is your interface into the wonderful world wide web, so wouldn't it make sense to understand how to choose a browser properly? What makes one browser superior to another? Might there be situations where it's prudent to have more than one browser installed and to share data between them? Do you know what add-ons or plug-ins are? If you don't, that should be a wake up call to become more than competent. If you do, do you know which ones are worth installing? How can you surf the internet faster? How can you surf optimally for mobile devices? Brian Todd of Dayton, Ohio, was amazed at what he learned about browsers from Innovative Internet Secrets. "Until I read this wonderful book, I just used the browser which came pre-installed on my system. Afterwards, I learned what to look for in a browser and in what situations to use a particular browser or multiple browsers at the same time. I never surfed the internet the same way again!"

What about e-mail? You think you're a master at that, too, just because you've been using it for so long. Maybe you don't use e-mail anymore. You send a Facebook message. Well, Facebook currently doesn't have the same versatility as e-mail, not if you use e-mail like you should be using it. You'll learn all about this when I go over the pros and cons of Facebook's e-mail functionality and how to use Facebook exactly like e-mail if that's what you prefer. The bald truth is that e-mail is an amazing application few of you have properly explored. And with it being perhaps the MOST IMPORANT application you use regularly, shouldn't you become more than competent at it? Wouldn't you like a true solution to prevent spams beyond those typically stupid unreliable spam filters which junk legitimate e-mails all the time? I guarantee my secrets will finally solve that problem. Do you know the best e-mail software to use? The best overall providers of regular e-mail and ultra secure e-mail? The best e-mail providers to use with particular platforms of mobile phones? A surefire way to get the e-mail address you always wanted rather than your name plus five random digits? Dorothy Maddox of Berkshire, UK picked up some invaluable tips from the book's e-mail chapter. "My workplace uses a proprietary e-mail system which prevents me from checking my e-mail on my phone or on my home computer unless I install some cumbersome software which caused conflicts. With a simple secret I picked up from reading Innovative Internet Secrets, I can now check and respond to my work e-mail anywhere! My colleagues are shocked at how productive I am. So is my boss. Instead of the typical 3% annual raise, my salary went up by almost 23% last year."

Innovative Internet Secrets benefits  Innovative Internet Secrets advantages  Innovative Internet Secrets guarantee  Innovative Internet Secrets sample book  Buy Innovative Internet Secrets  USD 6.99 

Click here to get a glimpse of some of the amazing secrets you'll learn from this book.

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